Bitcoin Price Prediction as BTC Spikes Up 9% From Recent Low – Is The Sell Off Over?

Bitcoin Price Prediction

In the latest Bitcoin price prediction, the cryptocurrency has climbed to $65,225, marking a 1.50% increase on Sunday.

This uptick reflects growing investor confidence, potentially influenced by high-profile investments and bullish market sentiment surrounding digital assets.

As Bitcoin continues to draw interest from both retail and institutional investors, its trajectory remains a focal point in the financial landscape.

Michael Saylor’s Strategic Bitcoin Investments Catapult Net Worth to $4 Billion in 2024

Michael Saylor, a dot-com billionaire who once faced a $6 billion loss in a single day, has significantly bolstered his wealth through astute investments in Bitcoin and his company’s shares.

In 2024 alone, Saylor’s assets surged by 60%, reaching $3.49 billion, thanks to an 86% rise in MicroStrategy stock since January, driven by Bitcoin’s gains and new ETFs tracking the cryptocurrency.

Andy Vermaut shares:A dot-com entrepreneur who once lost $6 billion in one day has made billions from the Bitcoin rally and his company’s surging shares: Saylor has billions of dollars worth of paper gains from his holdings of MicroStrategy… https://t.co/3AiSEuXsUY Thank you. pic.twitter.com/DVFjs9hjNb

— Andy Vermaut (@AndyVermaut) April 20, 2024

This growth has pushed Saylor’s net worth close to $4 billion. Despite previous setbacks during the dot-com bubble, Saylor remains a fervent advocate for Bitcoin, predicting it will eclipse gold as a dependable store of wealth.

His success underscores growing institutional interest in Bitcoin, with MicroStrategy often viewed as a proxy for the cryptocurrency, further validating Bitcoin as a viable investment.

Key Points:

Michael Saylor’s net worth nears $4 billion, fueled by Bitcoin and MicroStrategy shares.
Saylor champions Bitcoin, foreseeing its rise over gold as a store of wealth.
MicroStrategy’s performance enhances Bitcoin’s appeal to institutional investors.

Grayscale Launches Bitcoin Mini Trust with Industry-Low 0.15% Fee to Boost Accessibility

Grayscale is challenging its competitors by launching the Bitcoin Mini Trust, which offers the lowest fee among spot Bitcoin ETFs at just 0.15%.

This move is designed to make its offerings more competitive, particularly against the backdrop of its Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), which previously charged a higher fee of 1.5%.

Grayscale’s Planned Mini Bitcoin ETF Will Have a 0.15% Fee, the Lowest Among Spot Bitcoin ETFs https://t.co/vgffrZxWKz #Bitcoin

— Ryan (@RE_2140) April 21, 2024

By transferring 10% of GBTC’s assets to the new Mini Trust, Grayscale provides a more cost-effective investment option without triggering capital gains taxes for investors who switch.

This strategic decision aligns with the growing demand for more affordable cryptocurrency investment vehicles, potentially attracting a broader investor base and enhancing Bitcoin’s market presence.

With over $19.6 billion under management, Grayscale remains a significant figure in the cryptocurrency investment landscape.

Key Points:

Grayscale introduces Bitcoin Mini Trust with an industry-low fee of 0.15%.
Strategic asset transfer from GBTC to Mini Trust enhances affordability.
Move aims to expand Bitcoin’s accessibility and attract more investors.

IRS Drafts New Digital Asset Tax Form, Experts Warn of Privacy Risks

The IRS has introduced a draft of tax Form 1099-DA to enhance the reporting of digital asset transactions, which includes a requirement for brokers and providers of unhosted wallets to disclose transaction proceeds.

Cryptocurrency tax expert Shehan Chandrasekera voices significant concerns over the inclusion of wallet addresses on the form, citing it as a potential threat to user privacy and data security.

IRS Releases Draft Tax Form for Digital Assets — Expert Raises ‘Major Privacy and Security Concerns’ – https://t.co/yhLsWhprwy IRS Releases Draft Tax Form for Digital Assets — Expert Ra… pic.twitter.com/LHIdvw8K0T

— Entrepreneur, author and publisher. (@michael_0000) April 21, 2024

Set to take effect in 2025, this form aims to collect detailed transaction data, potentially undermining the anonymity traditionally associated with cryptocurrencies in the U.S. Chandrasekera warns of the serious privacy and security implications of the IRS’s data collection practices.

This regulatory move could influence the operational dynamics of cryptocurrency platforms and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, possibly necessitating KYC procedures for unhosted wallets and fundamentally altering the DeFi landscape.

Key Points:

IRS’s new Form 1099-DA mandates transaction reporting by brokers and unhosted wallet providers.
Cryptocurrency expert raises concerns about privacy and security due to wallet address inclusion.
Implementation could transform cryptocurrency usage and DeFi protocols by introducing KYC requirements.

Bitcoin Price Prediction

Bitcoin (BTC/USD)’s  pivot point stands at $64,850, the cryptocurrency exhibits potential for further ascension if it can sustain this level.

Technical analysis points to immediate resistance at $66,910, with subsequent barriers at $69,232 and $71,425.

Should Bitcoin falter, it faces downward pressure towards support levels at $63,045, $61,387, and $59,686, which could stabilize declines or trigger a sharper sell-off.

Bitcoin Price Prediction

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) stands at 56, suggesting moderate buying activity, while the 50-Day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) at $64,682 provides near support, reinforcing the bullish scenario above the pivot point but cautioning of potential declines if this threshold is breached.

Act Fast to Buy Dogeverse Before Imminent Price Hike

Dogeverse, a meme coin making waves across multiple blockchains including Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, and soon Solana, Base, and Avalanche, has almost reached its presale target. The initiative has collected an impressive $8,419,840.15, nearing its soft cap of $8,832,636.

With the price currently at $0.000299, a price increase is on the horizon in just over a day. This expansion into diverse blockchain ecosystems aims to blend the widespread charm of Doge with superior blockchain functionalities.

For more updates and community engagement, visit Dogeverse’s official Twitter and Telegram channels.

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