British BASE jumper falls to his death from condominium in Thailand after parachute fails

The victim was identified as Nathy Odinson, a 33-year-old British male citizen, he added.

Accounts on Facebook and Instagram believed to have belonged to Odinson showed various photos of skydiving and BASE jumping, an extreme sport where enthusiasts jump from buildings, antennae, bridges and cliffs.

Odinson jumped from the 29th floor of the building, which was 32 stories high, Sinthurat said.

Odinson was believed to have been involved in a business selling parachute kits for about 10 years, Sinthurat said. His body was identified by his father who has been living in Thailand for the past 20 years, he added.

Police confirmed that a parachute backpack was still attached to Odinson’s body and said the parachute kit likely malfunctioned. “This was definitely an accident,” Sinthurat said.

There was had been another man at the scene, “a friend,” he added, when Odinson made the jump. “He was filming him,” Sinthurat said.

Investigations are ongoing. Thai police said they were trying to determine if Odinson had used the same space to parachute before. CCTV footage was also recovered.

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