Roblox is making some changes to how creators can sell limited-run virtual gear

An illustration of the Roblox logo.
Image: The Verge

Roblox started letting creators make and sell limited-run avatar gear in April — appropriately called “Limiteds” — and on Thursday, the company shared a broad post about its vision for the Roblox marketplace and some updates to how creators can sell Limiteds.

Roblox views its marketplace as a “critical part of the Roblox economy,” and seemingly with good reason; the company says it sold “1.8 billion total avatar items” on the platform just in 2022. With Limiteds, creators can create artificial scarcity for those digital goods, which could make certain items feel more valuable and potentially earn creators more money.

Roblox seems invested in the idea that its economy functions like an IRL one. “We really believe that marketplace should…

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