Belkin’s fast-charging Apple Watch power bank might actually be witchcraft

Render of forthcoming Belkin Boostcharge Pro power bank with Apple Watch fast charging on one end
I, a miserly curmudgeon, preordered this thing. | Image: Belkin

Today was simply another Thursday when my colleague and The Verge’s senior news editor, Richard Lawler, tagged me in a Slack thread. Upon opening said thread, I pterodactyl screeched. Behold, the Belkin BoostCharge Pro — a $99.99 10,000mAh power bank with a lil divot that lets you fast charge a compatible Apple Watch or second-gen AirPods Pro on the go (and any device that charges via a USB-C cable at up to 20W).

Is it expensive? Yes, especially since it’s not yet available and only open for preorders. I wouldn’t begrudge anyone who isn’t a wearables reviewer or smartwatch devotee for scoffing. It’s a sensible reaction, and I fully understand why you may think I’m a Dingus of the Highest Order for being this happy about an unproven…

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