Arc’s new Boosts feature lets you change the way any website looks

A screenshot of the new Boosts tool in an Arc browser, showing a modified Twitter.
Modifying a website is now as easy as clicking a button or spinning around a color wheel. | Image: The Browser Company

If you use the Arc browser, you’re about to get the power to redesign the internet. Kind of. Arc, the popular new browser from The Browser Company, is releasing an updated version of its Boosts feature that lets you control everything from the color to the layout of every website you visit.

Basically, Boosts has two features. You can use it to change the colors and fonts on a page, or you can use it to hide any given part of the page. (You can also write CSS and JavaScript, so technically the sky’s the limit, but that requires more coding knowledge.) Want to force a website to have a dark mode? Easy. Want to make an article’s text bigger so you can actually, you know, see it? Done.

To explain, let me just tell you a few things I’ve…

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