You can finally view all your saved Wi-Fi passwords in the latest Windows 11 preview

Illustration of Microsoft’s Windows logo
Illustration: Alex Castro / The Verge

Microsoft is working on an easier way to view your saved Wi-Fi passwords in Windows, the company reveals in its latest blog post. The new feature comes in a new Insider Preview Build that’s been released to the Dev Channel.

With the new build (23466) of Windows 11, you can now see saved SSID keys in plain text by going to Settings > Network and internet > Wi-Fi and then going to Manage known networks. Then, you can select a saved SSID and click View Wi-Fi security key. And that’s it.

Image: Microsoft

The new “View Wi-Fi security key” section when viewing any known network in Windows 11 settings.

Currently, the Wi-Fi password of the current network your Windows 11 PC is connected to is buried in the wireless…

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