Problemista’s first trailer is a work-related stress dream you actually want to see

A man in a gray T-shirt and hoodie carrying a backpack standing next to a woman with crimson hair who is wearing a green blazer.
Julio Torres as Alejandro and Tilda Swinton as Elizabeth. | A24

The first trailer for A24’s Problemista from director Julio Torres plays like a dizzying work-related stress dream — one you actually want to pay attention to because it’s about someone else’s existential crisis.

Problemista’s story revolves around Alejandro Martinez (Torres), a talented and aspiring toymaker from El Salvador who makes his way to New York City hoping to make it big by realizing some of his more experimental, unconventional playthings. Though Alejandro knows in his heart that he belongs in NYC chasing his dreams, with time running out on his current work visa, there’s a very solid chance he could be forced out of the country, putting him in a very difficult position.

Problemista’s first trailer only lets on a bit just how…

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