Tears of the Kingdom’s puzzle designers are fantastic trolls

Screenshot from Tears of the Kingdom featuring Link standing at the green glowing entrance of a shrine
Image: Nintendo

The Zelda developers are trolls, and I love them.

One really well-designed aspect of Tears of the Kingdom is that the game will teach you how to play it. I don’t mean through explicit tutorials; rather, throughout my frankly embarrassing amount of playtime, the game presented to me, either in shrines or in the overworld, obstacles and the tools to surmount them. And every time I solved a puzzle, a more complex version of that same kind of puzzle would pop up later on, forcing me to put together what I learned to take on this new challenge. It makes Tears a kind of Metroidvania in that sometimes my progression is locked until I’ve mastered a certain skill or problem-solving mechanic.

The game will also give you a full lesson contained…

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