Some HP printers are getting a ‘blue screen error’ and being rendered unusable

Error code “83C0000B” on the printer’s touchscreen
The error code on an HP OfficeJet as shared by an HP support forum user. | Image: HP Community member Bennyboos

HP is dealing with a bad firmware update that has been bricking some OfficeJet printers. According to reporting from Bleeping Computer, the faulty firmware was released globally earlier this month, and affected customers are seeing a blue screen with the error code “83C0000B” on the printer’s touchscreen.

In HP’s support forums, customers in various countries have been asking about the issue. One printer owner notes that the blue screen error won’t even let them access the device’s service menu. Another couple of customers were told to wait until May 16th for a solution, but as of today, HP still has yet to resolve the issue.

“Our teams are working diligently to address the blue screen error affecting a limited number HP OfficeJet Pro…

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