Flipboard is ready to work with Bluesky and Pixelfed

An image of the three icons for Bluesky, Flipboard, and Pixelfed, with plus signs between them.
Now, you can flip through butts in Flipboard thanks to Bluesky integration. | Image: Flipboard

Self-styled social magazine Flipboard has integrated Bluesky into its apps for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Support arrives as a beta feature just a couple of weeks after the first release of Bluesky’s code, which gives programmers access to develop using the AT protocol on which it’s built. Flipboard announced posts from open-source Instagram alternative Pixelfed — which uses the same ActivityPub protocol that powers Mastodon — will be available in its app in “the coming days.”

If you use Flipboard, then you can add Bluesky by tapping the four-squares icon at the bottom of the app and going to the accounts tab. A list of accounts should show up, giving you the option to set up a connection to your preferred social network,…

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