Amazon’s new Fire Max 11 tablet aims for premium vibes and productivity

Amazon Fire Max 11 tablet with removable rear stand, removable keyboard, and a stylus.
Amazon Fire Max 11 with productivity accessories, including a new keyboard with trackpad and a stylus. | Image: Amazon

For years, Amazon’s Fire tablet lineup has consisted of smaller seven-inch, medium eight-inch, and larger 10-inch screen options, but now the company has a new one that stretches it up to 11. The Fire Max 11 is Amazon’s biggest-screened tablet yet, and it also sheds the plastic bodies the other models have for a more premium-feeling aluminum one.

Despite the sleeker design and slim bezels, it isn’t exactly a premium tablet like the iPads and Galaxy Tabs of the world. It’s still very much a budget-friendly media consumption device, just like Amazon’s other Fire tablets, and even then, it’s not that cheap; instead of paying $150 for Amazon’s previous biggest screen model, the Fire HD 10, the Max 11 starts at $230. However, that extra $80…

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