Adobe is adding AI image generator Firefly to Photoshop

A before and after comparison of an image editing using Photoshop’s new Generative Fill feature. A salt plane has been extended, and now features a classic car and a reflective puddle.
Image: Adobe

Adobe Photoshop is getting a new generative AI tool that allows users to quickly extend images and add or remove objects using text prompts. The feature is called Generative Fill, and is one of the first Creative Cloud applications to use Adobe’s AI image generator Firefly, which was released as a web-only beta in March. Generative Fill is launching today in beta, but Adobe says it will see a full release in Photoshop later this year.

As a regular Photoshop tool, Generative Fill works within individual layers in a Photoshop image file. If you use it to expand the borders of an image (also known as outpainting) or generate new objects, it’ll provide you with three options to choose from. When used for outpainting, users can leave the…

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