Pac-Man is the latest video game classic to be lovingly recreated in Lego

A lego pac-man arcade cabinet in a busy room.
Lego’s new Pac-Man set. | Image: Lego

Lego has announced a new premium set based on 1980s arcade classic Pac-Man. The 2,650-piece set is designed to recreate a Pac-Man arcade cabinet, complete with an illuminating coin-slot, four-way joystick, and a mechanical chase.

There’s a crank on the side of the cabinet which you can turn to move the characters around the game’s maze, and the set comes with a diorama of a figurine playing a smaller version of the arcade cabinet. On top of the cabinet sit rotating versions of Pac-Man and the ghosts Blinky and Clyde.

Image: Lego

Turning a small crank makes the characters move around the ‘screen.’

Image: Lego

There’s even an illuminating coin-slot.

The Lego Icons Pac-Man set will…

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