Logitech’s custom-fitting G Fits gaming earbuds are on sale for a new low of $159.99

The Logitech G Fits wireless earbuds sitting in an opened yellow case.
Quite possibly one of the most unique earbuds in the game. | Image: Logitech

Amazon is running a Gaming Week deals event this week, and we’re here to separate a bit of the wheat from the chaff. For example, the Logitech G Fits wireless gaming earbuds are on sale for $159.99 ($70 off) at Amazon. That’s a new low price on these earbuds, which, just like the Logitech-owned UE Fits, use a soft, mushy material inside to conform to your ear shape until a 60-second curing process under UV light makes them keep that one-of-a-kind fit. If you’ve struggled to find earbuds that fit your ears, well, these may be the ticket.

While the G Fits are almost identical to the UE Fits, they get their gaming-focused chops from a low-latency Bluetooth mode and the inclusion of a USB-A receiver (and included USB-C adapter). That makes…

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