Buyer beware: some SanDisk Extreme SSDs are wiping people’s data

SanDisk Extreme SSD
The SanDisk Extreme Pro can shrug off dust and water, at least. | Image: SanDisk

Western Digital has now tacitly admitted that its SanDisk Extreme Pro portable solid-state drives were critically broken after all — by issuing a firmware update that’ll hopefully keep the 4TB model from wiping your data all by itself. (Seriously.)

But as Ars Technica reports, there’s no mention of any fix for the 2TB model, and I think it’s time to sound the alarm — because this company has been downplaying the issue for months, all while it continues to sell these drives at a steep discount.

Screenshot by Sean Hollister / The Verge

The “67% off” is a little misleading, but these drives were genuinely selling for $600 a year ago.

Over two months ago, my friend and Verge supervising producer Vjeran Pavic told…

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