Amazon’s Kindle Scribe is getting limited handwriting-to-text conversion

A close-up of the Handwritten Note feature.
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Finally, Amazon did it — after launching a series of minor Kindle Scribe updates in the past few months, Amazon rolled out two potentially game-changing ones. Starting today, you can now actually convert handwriting to typed text on your Kindle Scribe and write on pages.

Truth be told, the new features are very limited in their capabilities. The good news, though, is that Amazon plans on rolling out more updates throughout the year — so here’s to hoping they’ll get better.

For right now, though, you can only convert your handwriting to typed text when you export notebooks. Located in the “Share” menu, Amazon now gives users the option to select “Convert to text and quick send.” There’s also a “Convert to text and email” option, which…

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