Drop’s DCX keycap sets for mechanical keyboards are buy one, get one free

A black mechanical keyboard with white keycaps on a white marble table.
A slick black-on-white keycap set looks good on just about any board. And with your second set, you can go a little wild. | Photo by Jon Porter / The Verge

It’s that time again. Drop has brought back its excellent buy one, get one deal on its mechanical keyboard DCX keycap sets, which offer some exquisitely clean and fun designs. If you buy a standard white-on-black or black-on-white DCX set from Drop right now, you can get a second set from a wider selection for free with promo code DCXBOGOISBACK until 11:59PM PT on May 21st. Most of these keycaps normally cost $99 per set, so you’re saving a full $99 on that second one — or, in the case of the pricier Deep Space set by designer Booper, you’re actually saving $139.

Drop’s DCX keys fit Cherry-style keyboard switches, and while they’re quite high quality, they make for a better value than the popular GMK sets out there (which often have long…

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