Why don’t the iPhone Pro models come in fun colors?

iPhone 14 Pro Max in deep purple surrounding by several objects that are objectively more purple.
My deep purple iPhone is deeply disappointing. Here it is next to some purple items within arm’s reach of my desk. | Photo by Victoria Song / The Verge

I go through color phases — pink when I was little, forest green throughout high school and college, and teal throughout my 20s. There was a dalliance with mint green (or sage, as Google calls it; it’s mint, okay?), but we don’t speak of that dark time. But once I bought the lavender Beats Fit Pro last year, I entered my purple era.

So you can see why I was stoked when Apple announced that the iPhone 14 Pro lineup would come in purple. Sorry, deep purple. My iPhone 12 Pro Max’s battery was on its last legs, and from the pictures, deep purple felt like an acceptable exchange for pacifica blue.

Friends, I’ve been bamboozled.

Is my iPhone 14 Pro Max technically purple? Maybe. If you hold it at the exact right angle in the right lighting….

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