Meta Quest will now let you customize your home virtual world

2D capture of a VR home environment in Meta with a menu pulled up for custom skybox view, three included options and a reset button.
The new Custom Skybox View includes a few environments for your home to get you started. | Image: Meta

Meta’s got a new update for its Meta Quest VR headset, and it includes new features like the ability to change up your home environment’s Skybox with a custom image, get push notifications for 2D apps, and some other items like controller improvements. The features come in the new version 54 of the Quest’s software, which is rolling out now to all headsets.

The new Custom Skybox View feature lets you bring your own high-resolution images to your home environment as a VR backdrop and finally lets you teleport somewhere that’s not part of the default set. Unfortunately, it’s just experimental for now, so visiting friends aren’t going to be able to see what you have up — though, if someone decides to make their home a dark room lined with a…

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