Apple’s Prehistoric Planet 2 is full of feathery and ferocious new faces

A still image of two feathery dinosaurs in the Apple TV Plus series Prehistoric Planet 2.
Image: Apple

Ever since The Blue Planet debuted more than two decades ago, we’ve been living in a particularly fruitful era of nature docs from the likes of the BBC and all of the various streamers. With all of that celebrity-voiced competition, it’s hard to do something new in the space, but Apple TV Plus managed it by looking at something old — really old.

The first season of Prehistoric Planet had all the trappings of a traditional wildlife documentary, right down to the reassuring voice of Sir David Attenborough, but used them to explore the lives of dinosaurs 66 million years ago. And it worked, offering such a fully realized vision of the past that it almost seemed real. So naturally, we have a sequel, which doesn’t do a lot new aside from…

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