Watch the first trailer for Mortal Kombat 1 (no, not from 1992)

Graphic from Mortal Kombat 1 featuring Fire God Liu Kang standing in front of the Mortal Kombat flaming dragon symbol with Mortal 1 Kombat in words in front of him
Image: NetherRealm Studios

The trailer for the newest Mortal Kombat is here, and like that one Brian McKnight song, we’re starting back at 1. (You’re gonna have to watch the trailer, linked above, on YouTube. Y’know on account of all the viscera.)

Mortal Kombat is in the midst of its 30th anniversary celebration, and creative director Ed Boon and the team at NetherRealm Studios have not been subtle at all that some major news was kom — er… coming. (Sorry, habit.)

Earlier this month, NetherRealm put out a video thanking players for their 30 years of support of fighting games’ grisliest elder statesman. At the end of the video, a grain of sand explodes, referencing the timey-wimey shenanigans that…

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