I used the world’s first augmented reality laptop

A user types on the Spacetop while wearing AR glasses.
Don’t mind me. I’m just in space.

This laptop doesn’t have anything to do with outer space. That’s the first thing I need to establish here.

I know — I was also a tad disappointed when I sat down with a company called Sightful to demo its new product, the Spacetop. It is not, in fact, shaped, decorated, or themed like a spaceship.

Instead, it’s being pitched as the world’s first “augmented reality laptop.” The “space” element refers to the large amount of desktop area that the Spacetop gives you the ability to view, relative to its physical size.

No planets here.

The Spacetop doesn’t have a screen. In total, it is a screen-less keyboard deck with a pair of AR glasses (which are customized NReal glasses) hardwired to it. Put those on, and you will…

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