The company behind World of Jumanji wants to turn even more Sony IP into theme parks

Promotional art for World Of Jumanji.
Image: Chessington World of Adventures

While Nintendo’s Super Nintendo World might be the video game theme park most people are making plans to visit in the near future, it sounds like Sony very much wants to get in on some of the IP-to-destination attraction action while the getting’s good.

During a recent interview with Variety tied to the opening of the new Jumanji rides at Chessington World of Adventures in England, Merlin Entertainments (which runs multiple parks, including Chessington and Legoland) CEO Scott O’Neil and Sony Pictures partnerships executive VP Jeffrey Godsick were emphatic about how this new era of theme parks is being defined by technology “merging with IP which is merging with imagination.” Translated into more regular English, what the companies seem…

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