Mark Zuckerberg seems to think people can’t wait for in-car VR

An image showing a mixed reality interface projected in front of a person riding in the backset of a BMW, with an avatar labeled “Jane” pointing at a message from a work chat asking the viewer to look at this update.
A research demo from Meta and BMW of in-car mixed VR and mixed reality, where the avatars are still legless. | Image: Meta

If you’ve listened to The Vergecast lately, then you know Nilay is sold on the mix of cars and VR when it comes to Gran Turismo 7. And we’ve seen many attempts at in-car headset experiences from the likes of Holoride, Nissan, and Toyota, but it still seems like an instant recipe for motion sickness.

Now Meta and BMW say they’ve made progress on using augmented reality and virtual reality in cars that might alleviate any issues of interacting with virtual objects while moving through the real world at high speed.

Image: Meta

Meta / BMW research demo

Their deal was originally announced in 2021, but the two…

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