Hyper Light Breaker’s composers on making roguelike music that doesn’t get old

A screenshot from Hyper Light Breaker. The player character in orange is fighting Exus, a boss in the game.
Exus, one of the bosses in Hyper Light Breaker. | Image: Heart Machine

Hyper Light Breaker looks like it’s made just for me: a challenging roguelike from the creators of the indie hit Hyper Light Drifter but with Breath of the Wild-like exploration. While there’s still a lot we don’t know about the game — it won’t be in early access until this fall — when I was presented the opportunity to talk with two of the game’s composers, I jumped at the chance. I hoped they could answer my questions about how composers think about writing music for roguelikes.

Hyper Light Breaker is an open-world, online co-op roguelike that takes place in a futuristic, ruined world. If you’re familiar with the neon, 2D aesthetic from Hyper Light Drifter, imagine the way that looks but in 3D. For Breaker, a key consideration during…

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