Tesla’s shareholder meeting is all about succession

This is a stock image of the Tesla logo spelled out in red with a white shape forming around it and a tilted and zoomed red Tesla T logo behind it.
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Tesla investors are facing some big questions at this year’s annual shareholder meeting — board seats for the chair, CEO, and former chief technology officer — as well as succession planning for the post-Elon Musk era.

The meeting, which is being livestreamed from the company’s headquarters in Austin at 3PM local time, comes on the heels of Musk announcing that former NBCUniversal advertising head Linda Yaccarino will succeed him as CEO of Twitter. Analysts cheered the move as an important one that will hopefully result in Musk paying more attention to his primary company, Tesla.

Musk stepping down as Twitter CEO “will be a positive for Tesla’s stock starting to finally remove this lingering albatross from the story,” Wedbush’s Dan…

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