Google, how do I ask your AI the right questions?

An illustration of a woman typing on a keyboard, her face replaced with lines of code.
Live footage of me thinking of what to ask AI bots. | Image: The Verge

A few weeks ago, my spouse and I made a bet. I said there was no way ChatGPT could believably mimic my writing style for a smartwatch review. I’d already asked the bot to do that months ago, and the results were laughable. My spouse bet that they could ask ChatGPT the exact same thing but get a much better result. My problem, they said, was I didn’t know the right queries to ask to get the answer I wanted.

To my chagrin, they were right. ChatGPT wrote much better reviews as me when my spouse did the asking.

That memory flashed through my mind while Iiveblogging Google I/O. This year’s keynote was essentially a two-hour thesis on AI, how it’ll impact Search, and all the ways it could boldly and responsibly make our lives better. A lot of…

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