Teenage Engineering’s $1,500 audio recorder had me at ‘motorized tape reel’

A GIF showcasing the TP-7 from Teenage Engineering.
Image: Teenage Engineering

Would you pay $1,499 for a dictaphone? What if it’s a really fancy dictaphone with a spinning “tape” reel? The folks over at Swedish electronics company Teenage Engineering certainly believe there’s a market by announcing the TP-7 field recorder — a quirky, compact recording device designed to capture audio “with zero friction in the highest possible quality.”

The TP-7 features a built-in mic / speaker, 128GB of internal storage, and three two-way 3.5mm jacks that can be used for both audio input and output. There’s also a USB-C port, which is used for data transfer and charging the device. Teenage Engineering claims a full charge should last around seven hours. It’s the latest addition to Teenage Engineering’s field system of portable…

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