Netflix’s Black Knight is a mix of Mad Max and Death Stranding

A still photo of Kim Woo-bin in Black Knight.
Kim Woo-bin in Black Knight. | Image: Netflix

Two of the most defining pieces of postapocalyptic storytelling from the last decade are Mad Max: Fury Road and Death Stranding; one imagines a future of vehicular mayhem across a desolate desert, while the other is a strange exploration of just how important home deliveries will be at the end of the world. Black Knight, a new action series on Netflix, is what happens when you smoosh those two worlds together. It doesn’t reach the heights of either, but it does present its own distinct take on our climate change-fueled future — one that just so happens to be a blast to watch.

Black Knight takes place 40 years after a comet collided with the Earth, poisoning the air and turning the Korean peninsula into a bleak desert. The small number of…

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