Google’s open-source AI tool let me play my favorite Dreamcast game with my face

Simple clipart-style graphic of a partial smiley face next to a computer monitor and mouse.
The homescreen for Project Gameface is so cheerful. | Screenshot by Wes Davis / The Verge

While Wednesday’s Google I/O event largely hyped the company’s biggest AI initiatives, the company also announced updates to the machine learning suite that powers Google Lens and Google Meet features like object tracking and recognition, gesture control, and of course, facial detection. The newest update enables app developers to, among other things, create Snapchat-like face filters and hand tracking, with the company showing off a GIF that’s definitely not a Memoji.

This update underpins a special project announced during the I/O developer keynote: an open-source accessibility application called Project Gameface, which lets you play games… with your face. During the keynote, Google played a very Wes Anderson-esque mini-documentary…

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