Google’s new Pixel Tablet might be the end of the smart display

Shot of the Pixel Tablet showing Home Panel smart home information.
The Pixel Tablet, with its charging speaker dock and more powerful processor, is a compelling replacement for underpowered smart displays. | Image: Dan Seifert / The Verge

With the arrival of the Pixel Tablet with a charging speaker dock at Google I/O this week, Google did what it does best: killed a product. Only this time, it didn’t just kill its product; it foreshadowed the death of the entire smart display category. Ah well. They had a good run, but folks, it’s the end of the line. The precise time of death was when Google exec Rose Yao described the new Pixel Tablet on its dock like this: “It feels like a smart display, but it has one huge advantage … Android apps.”

When one of really only two companies that make smart displays proudly proclaims that its shiny new smart home control device is not a smart display, the game is up. Yao also correctly pointed out one of two major problems with smart…

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