Dbrand’s Zelda skin turns your Switch into a giant middle finger to Nintendo lawyers

A gold and white skin on a Nintendo Switch that seems Zelda themed, but with an eye in a pyramid and concentric hexagons instead of concentric circles.
Dbrand switches things up. | Image: Dbrand

Dbrand just made another quick buck by flipping off Nintendo. You can now preorder a $50 skin for your Nintendo Switch that’s a dead ringer for the $359 Nintendo Switch OLED Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Edition — at least until you look closely.

At first, the “Clone of the Kingdom” seems like just that. But then you realize that Dbrand replaced the Triforce with The Eye of Providence, a symbol often as famous for its connections to conspiracy theories and the Illuminati as for its benign appearance on the back of a US Dollar. (Admittedly, the crest of the Sheikah is an eye with three pyramids for eyebrows.)

Then, you might notice the runes. What might they read? “Go fuck yourself, lawyers” is the first one I decoded; I won’t…

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