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Foundation’s second season kicks off in July

A photo of the Apple TV Plus series Foundation.
Image: Apple

One of Apple TV Plus’ biggest series is coming back for a second season this summer. Today, the streamer announced that season 2 of Foundationthe sci-fi epic based on the stories of Isaac Asimov — will premiere on July 14th. The new season will be 10 episodes long, with new episodes dropping on Fridays, and you can get a brief taste in the debut teaser trailer above.

Foundation debuted back in 2021 and was notable in particular for its complexity, with a story that spanned multiple centuries. The second season will continue that tradition by taking place quite a long time after the first. Here’s the description:

More than a century after the season 1 finale, tension mounts throughout the galaxy in Foundation season 2. As the Cleons…

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