Wear OS 4 is coming and bringing better battery life along with it

Screenshot of Google I/O introducing WhatsApp on a Wear OS watch.
WhatsApp is one of the new apps coming to Wear OS. | Screenshot: The Verge

Wear OS 3 technically hasn’t finished rolling out yet, but Google’s not waiting to announce Wear OS 4. The new OS is meant to improve battery life and introduce cloud backups to the platform.

It makes sense that Wear OS is getting some love now that the Pixel Watch is here. The jump to Wear OS 4, however, is a bit surprising. Sure, it’s been two years since Google announced the oft-neglected Wear OS platform was getting a total revamp via a partnership with Samsung. But the transition has been rocky, and Wear OS 3 really didn’t start taking off until the latter half of 2022.

The good news is there’s still time for Wear OS to get its ducks in a row. While the Wear OS 4 developer preview and emulator launch today, it won’t be available…

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