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How the Pixel 7A compares to the rest of Google’s Pixel 7 lineup — and the 6A

Google Pixel 7A on a wireless charging stand
Unlike the Pixel 6A, the Pixel 7A offers 7.5W wireless charging. | Photo by Allison Johnson / The Verge

The new Pixel Fold wasn’t the only smartphone Google introduced during this year’s Google I/O keynote. The budget-friendly Pixel 7A, a phone that essentially functions as a stripped-down version of last year’s Pixel 7, is already available at multiple retailers for $499.

At 6.1 inches, Google’s latest Pixel phone is just as small as its predecessor, the Pixel 6A, but this year, it comes with a few extra perks not present on the last-gen model. That includes support for wireless charging, a new chipset, and a higher-refresh display for smoother scrolling — factors that surely play into the phone’s $50 price increase.

Of course, despite the extra features, there are some tradeoffs you’ll still have to make if you plan on buying the Pixel…

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