Google rebrands AI tools for Docs and Gmail as Duet AI — its answer to Microsoft’s Copilot

A photograph of a presentation slide saying “Duet AI for Workspace.”
Google is adding generative AI tools to apps like Docs, Gmail, and more. | Image: Google / The Verge

In March, Google announced a bunch of AI features for its Workspace suite of apps in an effort to keep pace with Microsoft’s rapid integration of similar tools. At Google I/O, the company has new branding for this effort — Duet AI — but the features themselves are still not yet widely available to the general public. The company also teased a new feature called “Sidekick” that’s able to read, summarize, and answer questions on documents across different Google apps.

Duet AI covers a range of generative AI tools for Google’s productivity apps. As we detailed earlier this year, that includes writing assistance in Docs and Gmail, image generation for Slides, automatic meeting summaries for Meet, and more. But at Google I/O, the only real n…

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