These Cync bendable smart lights are now available to buy

A neon rope light is used to create colorful backlights on shelves alongside the outline of a cocktail glass with straw and orange slice.
Cocktails are fine, but please, we beg you, no penises. | Image: GE Lighting

Announced at CES back in January, Cync’s smart rope lights that can uniquely be bent into shapes of your choosing are now available to buy.

The so-called Dynamic Effects Neon-Shape Smart Lights are available in 10- ($79.99) and 16-foot ($119.99) lengths. It’s the type of product naming you’d expect from Cync, formerly known as C by GE, a GE Lighting brand now owned by Savant, not GE.

Anyway, the rope lights can be cut to your desired length, support 16 million colors, work over 2.4GHz Wi-Fi or BLE (no bridge or hub required), have a built-in mic to sync with music and gaming audio, and are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. They can also be controlled from outside the home using the Cync app to adjust…

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