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Nintendo Live 2023 starts September 1st in Seattle, and the tickets are free

Nintendo Live 2023 promotional image showing images of Mario Kart, Splatoon, and families playing games, with text showing the event location at the Seattle Convention Center and the dates: September 1st through September 4th.
Nintendo Live 2023 event poster. | Image: Nintendo

Nintendo’s next big live event will take place in Seattle this September, and today, the company revealed dates and more details about Nintendo Live 2023. The event will run from September 1st through September 4th at the Seattle Convention Center and is intended to be an all-ages celebration of Nintendo’s games, as just one of many gaming companies planning events this summer in the shadow of E3 2023’s cancellation.

Nintendo Live 2023 is going to be a free event, and there are two ways to get tickets. You can register in a randomly selected drawing on Nintendo’s website at some point between May 31st and June 22nd, where you could get a one-day pass for a group of up to six people.

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