Therapy apps are still failing their privacy checkups

A selection of emojis and icons for mental health apps against a pink background.
Some of the 27 mental health apps tested by Mozilla last year have improved. Most, however, have not. | Image: Mozilla / *Privacy Not Included.

An investigation into mental health apps has revealed that many of the most popular services are failing to protect the privacy and security of their users. Following up on a report from last year’s Privacy Not Included guide, researchers at Mozilla found that apps designed for sensitive issues like therapy and mental health conditions are still collecting large amounts of personal data under questionable or deceptive privacy policies.

The team re-reviewed 27 of the mental health, meditation, and prayer apps featured in the previous year’s study, including Calm, Youper, and Headspace, in addition to five new apps requested by the public. Of those 32 total apps, 22 were slapped with a “privacy not included” warning label, something…

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