Netflix’s One Piece adaptation sounds like it might have hit some choppy waters

a 3⁄4 painting of a wooden ship with a massive sail emblazoned with a grinning skull wearing a hat.
Concept art of the Going Merry. | Image: Netflix

While we haven’t even seen any footage from Netflix’s upcoming live-action adaptation of One Piece yet, earlier this year, the streamer announced that it intended for the series to debut sometime in 2023. That could still happen, but a new update from Eiichiro Oda makes it sound like there’s a chance we might be waiting a little longer than expected, which is a bit tricky considering that Netflix’s One Piece doesn’t even have a firm premiere date yet.

In a lengthy update shared to Netflix’s Geeked Twitter account today, Oda opened up about what it’s been like working with Tomorrow Studios and Netflix on One Piece and how, even though everyone involved in the new series “understand each of the characters,” they also “come from very…

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