Motorola’s Edge 40 is a little less Pro, and a lot more affordable

The Motorola Edge 40.
The Motorola Edge 40 in blue. | Image: Motorola

Exactly one month after announcing the Edge 40 Pro, Motorola is introducing a more affordable, non-Pro variant called the Motorola Edge 40. It’s available from today in Europe for €599.99 (£529.99, around $664), €300 less than the €899.99 (around $995) Edge 40 Pro. Motorola’s press release doesn’t mention a US release for the Edge 40, but given the Edge 40 Pro was announced for the US market just two days ago as the Motorola Edge Plus (2023) it feels like there’s a chance of its non-Pro sibling following a similar path.

As you’d expect, the Edge 40 features slightly downgraded specs across the board compared to the Pro. Its 1080p OLED screen is slightly smaller at 6.55 inches versus 6.67 inches, and it’s also got a lower 144Hz refresh…

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