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BubbleDeck: The Verge’s first free Stream Deck app is virtual bubble wrap

A Stream Deck filled with six LCD keys each filled with bubbles to pop
Pop bubbles on your Stream Deck. | Photo by Sean Hollister / The Verge

I’ve always thought the Stream Deck’s squishy buttons felt like delightful bubble wrap.

What if you could pop them, too?

We just made that a reality with BubbleDeck, our first official and totally free Stream Deck plug-in.

Yes, we seriously turned all your extra Stream Deck buttons into fidget toys, complete with sound effects! Whether you’ve got one spare slot or want to fill an entire 32-button page on your Stream Deck XL — we tested, and it works — this free app is for you.

If the direct link doesn’t work on your Stream Deck, just go to Elgato’s plug-in store directly: 1) open your Stream Deck app, 2) tap the little colorful…

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