Steam now has a built-in cloud notepad you can pin atop your game

a scene from the game elden ring, near a lit firepit, in a cavern, with a floating transparent notepad contents joking about who a blue girl is and why she has four arms and maybe stop dying and learn to parry.
Elden Ring tips. | Image: Valve

Valve has just shipped a huge UI overhaul to Steam’s In-Game Overlay in the Steam Beta, among other fresh coats of paint. It also comes with one particularly awesome idea: a traveling notepad.

Yes, you’ve probably already got a notepad app on your PC, but does yours automatically pop up the correct file that corresponds to each game you play? Can you overlay it on top of your game so it’s visible while you play? Does it automatically sync from PC to PC via the cloud? Valve says its new Notes app does all of that, and works offline too.

Image: Valve

It’s not the only window you can newly pin atop a game: Valve says Guides, Discussions, and the Steam web browser can all be summoned into your game with adjustable…

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