The next Forza will help blind players race by listening to ‘beeps and boops’

Images of cars in Forza Motorsport
Image: Microsoft

Forza Motorsport is arriving later this year with all the usual improvements in visual immersion and fidelity you’d expect from the latest Forza. But it’s also going to let players who are blind or have low vision race around tracks by listening for beeps and boops. These clever audio cues make Forza Motorsport the most accessible Forza title ever created.

Turn 10 Studios has teamed up with accessibility consultant and blind gamer Brandon Cole to tune these audio cues and make racing blind in Forza Motorsport a reality. In the past, Cole has worked with Naughty Dog to improve accessibility in The Last of Us on PlayStation and has been pushing for game developers on this issue for more than a decade.

Prior to this work, Cole wasn’t super…

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