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Metroid Fusion is coming to Nintendo Switch Online next week

A screenshot of the video game Metroid Fusion.
Metroid Fusion. | Image: Nintendo

Now that Game Boy and GBA titles are part of the Nintendo Switch Online subscription, Nintendo is starting to roll out some classics: and next week that will include Metroid Fusion. It’ll be available to subscribers starting on March 8th.

The side-scrolling adventure originally hit the GBA back in 2002, and it represented an interesting evolution of Super Metroid’s 2D design. Here’s the basic set-up:

In Metroid Fusion, interstellar bounty hunter Samus Aran is attacked by an X parasite while exploring the mysterious planet SR388. This organism is not only deadly, but it can mimic the abilities of any creature it infects — including Samus herself! Saved from the brink thanks to an infusion of Metroid DNA, the X parasite’s only natural…

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