Google Keep’s new Android widget makes it easier to check off items on your to-do list

Google’s Keep’s new single note widget on Android, showing a checklist accessible from the home screen on phones and tablets.
Google’s Keep’s new single note widget on Android | Image: Google

Google is introducing a new widget for its notes and lists app Keep, which lets you put a single interactive note on your home screen. With it, you can check items off a list, which could be handy for a to-do or grocery list.

While you can force one of Keep’s current widgets to show just a single note using the tags system, doing so isn’t as simple as just selecting one to display on your home screen. Plus, Keep’s existing widgets don’t have the level of interactivity that Google’s promising with its new widget; if you try to mark off checkboxes, it’ll just open the app instead of actually checking it off like the single note widget does.

Gif: Google

The new Keep single note widget will let you keep a checklist on…

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