Spotify’s replacing its heart icon with a new and improved ‘plus’ button

A screenshot showing Spotify’s new plus button next to a book titled I Miss You, I Hate This.
Image: Spotify

Spotify’s heart icon is changing to a “plus” button that lets you save music and add songs to specific playlists. The music streaming app announced the change in a post on its blog, noting that you’ll now have to tap the new “plus” icon once to save a song or podcast to your library and then tap it again to add it to a playlist of your choosing.

Some users already have the combined “plus” button on their app, as it seems Spotify has been testing the change since late last year. Previously, the Spotify app had a “heart” icon available up front that meant liking a song and saving it to your library as well as a separate “add to playlist” button that it hid within the app’s three-dot menu.

Image: Spotify

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