Pokémon Sleep, which you play by sleeping, is out this year

A screenshot from the mobile game Pokémon Sleep.

The Pokémon Company has finally revealed some details on its most anticipated product: Pokémon Sleep. The mobile app was first announced in 2019, and today, during a livestream, the company revealed a pair of trailers that show off the actual experience.

Essentially, the game is a sleep tracker, where you interact with the pokémon in the app by, well, sleeping. Depending how you snooze — sleep is divided into three types: dozing, snoozing, and slumbering — you’ll attract different kinds of creatures.

Here’s a better look at how it works:

Alongside the game, a new device was also revealed: Pokémon Go Plus Plus. It’s a new version of the Pokémon Go companion device that works both as a sleep tracker for Pokémon Sleep and as a tool for P…

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