OnePlus new concept phone is its coolest yet

Rear of OnePlus 11 Concept device
Those glowing blue lines on the back aren’t (just) for show. | Photo by Jon Porter / The Verge

OnePlus’ latest concept phone is all about keeping cool. The company showed off the OnePlus 11 Concept device at MWC Barcelona, which features glowing blue pipelines on its back to represent the cooling liquid of its “Active CryoFlux” cooling technology.

Yes, it’s designed to look flashy, but OnePlus argues the cooling system serves an important practical purpose. By keeping the phone cooler under load, the company claims you can get better performance from games, and faster charging speeds. All without the need for the “size, weight, and noise” of a physically spinning fan like we’ve seen from the likes of Nubia or in smartphone cooling accessories from Razer or Asus.

Two quoted performance benefits include a 2.1 degree Celcius (around…

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