Would you let ChatGPT control your smart home?

Screenshot from a Josh.ai YouTube video showing a blue smart speaker with an RGB ring around it. The speaker is on a white desk; a Palm Springs courtyard is visible behind.
Josh.ai showed off a proof-of-concept ChatGPT integration that let its voice assistant correctly parse multi-step commands. | Image: Josh.ai

Today, you can ask Alexa to turn on the lights or have Siri tell you the temperature in your bedroom, and sometimes they’ll get it right. Or you may hear, “You have 15 devices named lights; which one would you like to control?” or “The current temperature in Kathmandu is 53 degrees.” But what if your voice assistant was not only always accurate but could also respond to nebulous comments like “I’ve had a rough day; what’s a good way to unwind?” with “intelligent” responses? For example, by lowering the shades, dimming the lights, adjusting the thermostat, and queuing up some goodies on Netflix?

That’s the potential of voice assistants powered by new AI language models, according to Alex Capecelatro, co-founder of the Josh.ai home…

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